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Does your cleaner do this?

Monday, January 7, 2008

How long will your store bought cleaner last you? A bottle of 409? Windex? How long? To clean your mirrors and windows for a month, will it take you 1-2 drops? Heck no, right? Well with our cleaner, it will. 1-2 drops, that's it.

Click to make the pictures bigger.
This is the size of the bottle if you order the 16 oz.
Click to make the picture bigger. This is next to my toaster oven. Not a small bottle by any means! Its super concentrated, it doesn't need to be that big to last a long time!

Should you decide to get the spray bottles (now comes in 3, I ordered them when it was only 2, they now include a Degreaser spray bottle), the bottles themselves are the same size as the cleaner bottle - 16 oz. See?

On each bottle, (which you can't see in my picture) it tells you how much to use for each use. Here's where jaws start to drop. Just 1/4 of a teaspoon of Basic H2 in the All Purpose Cleaner Bottle filled with water, and merely 1-2 DROPS of it in the Windows and Mirrors Bottle! In the new Degreaser bottle, you add only 1 1/2 teaspoons to a bottle full of water! I bet you can imagine how long this bottle will last you!!!!! Meanwhile, the cleaners over the counter are full strength and you're buying them AT LEAST once a month from continual use! So not only is our cleaner biodegradable, non toxic and safe for the earth, it's better for the earth because its concentrated, is bottled using less energy because its concentrated, costing you less to buy and get shipped to you, and uses less energy and resources for us to make and sell/ship to you. It's truly a win win situation.

Here are close ups of the labels. Click to see them larger.

Does this interest you? Want to save 15% on this and future orders? Want to learn more? Contact me today!

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  1. Blogger Elizabeth F. | January 7, 2008 at 7:57 PM |  

    Is this the same stuff that was on Oprah on FRiday? They had a Going Green show and the owner of Shakley was there adn gave everyone int he audience a Starter Kit of non-toxic cleaners. It was huge! Anyways, I was interested in Shakley, but didn't knwo where to get it. Can I get more info. How much does it run? I currently use Mrs. Meyers and some 7th Gen.

  2. Blogger Lisa~Crazy Adventures in Parenting | January 7, 2008 at 9:09 PM |  

    YUP! Same stuff!!! I blogged on it here with a video and all! :)

    She loves our stuff so much, she put it on her show FIVE TIMES in 9 months!! Which items were you interested in getting? The starter kit she featured is located here
    The bigger starter kit is located here
    The specific cleaner she absolutely RAVES about (that I did this post about) in the 16 oz size is here
    http://www.shaklee.net/lisadouglas/product/00015 and is only $11.95 if you're not a member ($10.15 if you ARE a member - as a member you'll save 15% on all your purchases, and we're offering a free membership with 50pv(point value) order right now!!

    You can peruse the website and take a look at all that there is offered in the home care section by going here

    I can give you lots of info. I know that's what I did when I 'made the switch'. I have used lots of cleaners, but I couldn't beat 1-2 drops for my mirrors and 1/4 tbsp for my kitchen and bath! I just about freaked!! haha

    I started buying from Shaklee with vitamins, I couldn't find anything without additives and all that junk in it for my kids. Then got into their soy protein for my children to calm them, then found I really liked it too, started using their vitamins, supplements, and ohh they Stress Relief Complex (which I can't use while breastfeeding with the ashwagandha, but my goodness it works WONDERS!). I suddenly realized how healthy I was becoming and looking when people were asking me how much weight I'd lost, how great I looked, etc. So that's when I started trying more stuff, their cleaners, personal care, etc, and became a distributor, since people were buying from me now, I was a walking billboard for the stuff heh :)

    Anyways, I've rambled enough :) Take a look, let me know what I can do for you :)

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